121429_sasuya_rainy-dayI’m Irfan, an Indonesian, still young, student of Universitas Padjadjaran with average height and IQ. I’m muslim but not really loyal on it (in fact I have a girlfriend).

I’m happily a child of my parents. Just only me without any sibling. Mostly, I fell lonely. But, I’m surrounded by crazy, wonderful, inspiring friends who make me fell better.

Intially, I started a blog because of my lecturer. He asked his student to publish every assignment to blog. Thus, as you can see, a lot of post here, still, is about my task. However, everything is changed after I read another people’s blog. I have decided to become a writer then, not only in blog. My dream changed from a pilot (my childhood’s dream) into a novelist and a critic. One of my favorite writer in wordpress is she whom reason of her writing is quoted below.

I started a blog to force myself out into the open, to make a commitment, to learn how to take criticism and most of all, to stop being comfortable. Mission accomplished.

I chose Lovely Rain as my blog name because I really love rain. Rain always makes me feel better. It refresh my brain as well as my heart. I enjoy watching rain inside my home from window. Sometimes, I will go outside and playing with rain. Drinking its water. Sweet, cold, and fresh. People nowadays, never do this anymore, thou. Thus, when I look at the rain, I feel completely lonely.


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